picnic in a concrete jungle


from the federal highway, the white circular tower standing across from pj hilton piques interest. part of the pj8 office complex, it looks all corporate from the outside but head to its level 2 courtyard and a soothing square of green lung awaits.

silvered wooden planks, recycled from train tracks, form the floor and benches. in between the planks and flanking the benches, slim bucida trees - a south american species, after which the nearby cafe is also named - stand daintily but steadfastly. their tiny leaves and petite canopies provide some shade for the office workers lunching al fresco. or more often, catching their lunch-time smokes. Get a sandwich or a wrap and coffee to go from bucida cafe a few steps away and park yourself here for a bit of sunshine with your lunch.


serene and calming, it's definitely a welcome oasis in between chasing deadlines, pleasing clients and answering to the bosses. or to have an office picnic on special occasions. klang valley needs more breathing spaces such as this.


pj8 courtyard level 2, pj8, jalan barat, pj where exactly it's directly opposite pj hilton and next to the row of shops where pjcad and victoria's station are. there's parking in its basement; whichever side of the lot you end up in, just take the stairs or lift to level 2 by LRT disembark at asia jaya station, walk across the federal highway and you will see pj8