help rebuild nepal, help rebuild lives

help rebuild nepal

as rescue and relief efforts continue in nepal, the lives and livelihood of survivors have been put on hold, with limited resources to keep them going. international monetary and humanitarian aid is pouring in, and needs to keep going as the devastation is on a massive scale. 

we visited nepal for two weeks last year and hold the country dear to our hearts, thanks in large to the beautiful people we met. we were inspired by their resilience, marveled at their resourcefulness and most of all, inspired by their kindness and generosity. the nepalese are proof that you don't need to have a lot to be able to give, and now it's time for us to give back.

we have compiled a list of fundraising and collection initiatives that are providing easy channels for you to contribute towards rebuilding the country and help make the survivors' lives that little bit better as they battle through such a trying time.

the top two on this list are our friends, one our homestay family in langol who welcomed us into their family and adopted us as one of them. the other is a young tour company operator who extended lots of help and friendship during our stay.

please give generously.


international money express (ime) has waived their service fee for money transfers to nepal, for a limited period, as part of their support for the earthquake relief efforts. find the nearest ime agent or outlet at their


western union has also pledged the same (excerpt taken from their website):

"For consumers sending money to family and loved ones in Nepal, from now until the 14th of May 2015, Western Unionwill activate a no-fee* money transfer transaction program from participating Western Union Agent locations in the:United States, Europe, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Maldives, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Turkey, Israel and Lebanon, all countries with a concentration of Nepali diaspora.

Consumers who use Western Union online services and mobile applications to send money, where available, can also avail of no-fee* transactions to Nepal until 31st of May 2015. Online consumers will need to use the promotion codeNEPALRELIEF2015."

read more here


babu raja is a hiking guide and runs a homestay at his family home in the village of langol, on the outskirts of kathmandu. very luckily, the entire village - with the exception of a nine-year-old - survived the earthquake, but many of the old stone and clay homes have been reduced to rubble. that includes the home of babu's parents, which we had the pleasure of visiting. much of the current relief efforts are being concentrated in kathmandu, and places like langol are being sidelined so they need direct help instead of waiting around for aid to get to them.

to read our story on babu raja homestay, click here

babu and the village of langol are also featured in a video by cbc news (view it on their facebook page), thanks to the amazing ginette traversy, a friend of babu's and a regular visitor to langol, who flew to nepal at her own expense to help. click here to donate to ginette's efforts.  

to donate directly to babu, here are his bank account details:

Bankaccount/IBAN: 18111621501

Beneficiary: Babu Raja Maharjan, Kirtipur 15, Langol, Nepal


Bank details: Standard Chartered Bank, Kathmandu

purushottam rimal is the young tour operator we mentioned, and our friend. he is based in kathmandu but hails from the village of dhading, which is in dire need of supplies. this is puru's heartfelt plea for assistance and donations:

"My motherland is crying from days. We are living with fears &tears. Lots of people have lost their lives and those who are alive have nothing except the open sky. I don't have much to help those except staring at them. So I appealing my friends, family who are living national or international sector to help us as much you have. Your one dollars can make a people alive here, can make a shelter & the more you will be blessed by them. 
I am making a volunteer program here by collecting the foods, tents, clothes to donate in my village ‪#‎Dhading‬ where more than 80 % people are affected . If some of you got any news who wants to help my country then you can also contact with me." . ‪#‎Purushottam_Rimal‬ ‪#‎Nepal_Himalayas_Trekking‬
My Address is :-
Swift Code :- SIDDNPKA
A/c name :- Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks & Tours (P). LTD
A/c No :- 01615107673 
Bank :- Siddhartha Bank Ltd, Thamel, Kathmandu , Nepal 
Contact no :- +977-9851064957

obin sherchan, owner of a nepalese restaurant in kuala lumpur, is doing his bit as well:

"Dear Friends and customers,
As many of you have called, emailed and sent messages to us to ask how you can help. I, Robin Sherchan, owner of Restaurant Nepal - Himalayan Cuisine am informing you that we have come up with a detailed plan to support the disaster relief operations that we are planning to conduct in Nepal as soon as possible.

Due to the massiveness of the earthquake that happened days ago, which you may be fully aware of, the initial reports puts the death toll around 5000, but from the information we gather at the ground, it could well surpass 15000 or even 20000 fatalities. The most affected areas which is 8KM radius of the epicentre haven't even been able to get any access to aid that has been promised/delivered by the foreign agencies. I just spoke to my friends and families in Kathmandu, they tell me that no help of any sort has reached to the people - so as usual, without relying on the government or agencies, they have started teaming up to help each other by supplying foods, tents, blankets in the nearby villages.

Please note, this fund raising effort is done on a personal level, so no organisations are involved. We want to do what we can in any small ways and our main priority is to make sure the aid goes to the people. We don't want Nepal to end up like another Haiti - where as you may know even after billions of aid and 5years, the country has still not recovered.

Please let me explain what our plans are for implementing the relief operations :

The local team we are working with in Kathmandu for distribution and logistics is headed by Mr. Rabindra Piya - District Governor of Rotary International Nepal. Please scroll at the bottom of this email, where he explains what he needs and the urgency.
My wife, Urmila Sherchan who is a registered Nurse will be reaching Kathmandu, on 2nd May, Saturday with the UK medical volunteer team. They urgently need much of the first aid & medical supplies. I have attached their itinerary and villages they will be volunteering at.

So, the fund that we raise will be sent to Rotary International Nepal by 6th May and to Dr. Lal Gurung who is heading my wife's medical volunteer team - we are waiting for his request of supplies at the moment. I myself or my other co-ordinator friend, Mr. Amrit Shrestha will be personally visiting Nepal on 14-17May to make sure that the aid is reaching to the needy and will get updates from our local team, which we will broadcast to all our donors.

I have also asked for an aid especially for Tents & blankets to J&S Franklin UK, through my friend Shaun Franklin -his family owned business are one of the largest manufacturer of tent and supplies.

To help this cause, you may donate either via bank transfer (This account will only be used for this particular cause for the transparency) or by delivering cash at the Restaurant - you will be issued a receipt and we will update you regularly on our progress. The transfer slip with a list of donors name in forms like "R.... S......" with the amount of donation will be sent out to all the donors to ensure personal data protection & transparency of the fund.

Bank Transfer details:
Account Name: Robin Sherchan
Bank Name: Public Bank Berhad
Savings Account Number: 4649649510
Swift Code: PBBEMYKL

For Cash collection:
Submit to: Ms. Sinthia or Ms. Amrita
Restaurant Nepal- Himalayan Cuisine,
F-0-6, Plaza Damas(Opposite TGI Fridays),
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206 3904

I hope to hear from you soon and please free to contact me if you have any further queries or information that you may need. I want to sincerely Thank You for supporting us on behalf of my country and my people.

Best Regards,
Thanking you,
Robin Sherchan.
Mobile : +6012 2741 886

mercy malaysia has set up a field hospital in kathmandu, managed by a 20-member team who will be stationed there for a year. as an example of how dire some survivors are in need of help, mercy has reported that some villagers walked for up to eight hours to get to them and seek medical help.

here's an account of what's happening on the ground, from mercy malaysia's media team (link to the star online's page):

you can donate to mercy's humanitarian efforts through the bank accounts as detailed below:

mercy for nepal

monetary donations aside, you can also contribute to relief efforts by helping to detail a digital map of the affected areas that enable those on the ground to identify risk areas and find their way to those in need. this project is coordinated by the humanitarian openstreetmap (hot) team and kathmandu living labs, and you can find more information here:

to learn how to map, click here:

these agencies are collecting funds via their websites (click on name):

Save The Children

Red Cross

Global Giving

Friends Service Council Nepal