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thamel’s best anytime-snack are wok-fresh fingerchips from bk’s place


fancy some fingerchips? sounds morbid but rest assured, no human parts are harmed in the making of them – although the occasional oil splatter can’t be avoided – as they are simply the whimsical name that nepalese have bestowed upon the humble french fries. it is not exactly clear how the moniker came about, although if you think about it, it is not an appropriate one: fries are, after all, potato chips that you pick up with your fingers in order to eat. sure, you can go all posh and stick a fork into them but part of the french fries enjoyment is the finger-licking afterwards, especially when there’s some dip leftover on your digits.

or when you're snacking on thamel’s best fingerchips, served wok-fresh and piping hot at bk’s place in thamel. it’s located on a small road off the main thoroughfare and opposite the funky buddha bar, and that’s pretty much as precise as directions can get in this crowded tourist city, where buildings have no unit number. you won’t have trouble finding it though, as it’s mighty popular and while not always crowded, draws a steady stream of customers throughout its opening hours.

... a crispy, crunchy exterior
while maintaining a powdery

for 12 hours each day, this 15-year-old joint serves up fingerchips that are fried to a crispy, crunchy exterior while maintaining a powdery finish within. to complement the chips, bk’s offers nine varieties of homemade dips, of which we favoured the special (a mix of mayonnaise, ketchup and chopped onions) and pinda, a peanut sauce that’s not unlike a thick, creamy peanut butter. the chips – one portion is equivalent to about one and a half serving of mcd’s large fries, ideal for sharing between two – are cut thicker than your fast food restaurant variety and served in white paper cones. the dips, on the other hand, are served in tiny saucers made of dried saal leaves. it’s a popular type of disposable and biodegradable plateware that’s commonly used at casual eateries, street food stalls and also to hold religious offerings at temples.

altogether, bk’s presentation is honest, rustic and authentic – like its food. who doesn’t like fries, especially when they’re freshly fried upon order and is comfortingly unctuous without being cloyingly greasy? bk’s fingerchips are simple goodness that everyone enjoys and do they: their customers consume 75kg worth of potatoes each day. Besides fingerchips, its menu also includes other fried and local favourites such as momo (dumplings), samosa, chicken wings and spring rolls.

bk’s place bhagawathi marg, thamel, kathmandu, nepal opens 10am-10pm daily tel +977 1470 0502