a whole lot of pretty


from the outside, the lifeshop atelier is all cosy and warm with home decor items in rich colours filling up the front of shop and doubling up as window display. once you venture beyond the heavy glass and steel doors, this treasure trove that’s packed almost to the rafters positively envelops you with a motley spread of home decor items, novelty gift ideas, whimsical bric bracs, furniture, apparel, stationery – ok we can go on and on until you run out of breath reading, because this is one of those places where you won’t know where to start looking. pick a random spot to start and you’ll find yourself wanting to snoop into every nook and cranny to unearth its many gems.

it may have all the quaint charm of a parisian antique store and indeed, there are some vintage (or vintage style) goods among the chic contemporary desirables. a cabinet displaying part of their small leather goods range, for example, is quite the statement piece made from steel and recycled wood, and is imported from France. a smaller design from the same range sits above it and there’s also a file cabinet style three-drawer piece, which was used to display oversized chinese new year decor at the time of our visit. lifeshop deftly demonstrates the form and function of their wares through creative interior decor that allows enough space for attractive displays while leaving some spatial comfort for customers to move around at ease.


we love browsing the racks in the apparel section for its medley of floaty printed silk cardigans, sporty cotton maxi dresses and mod monochromatic tops from thailand. other points of interest are the vintage-style stationery and fun wooden animals – white rocking horses to match this year’s chinese zodiac and families of dark teal bunnies. bureut it’s the centrepiece table and the open cabinet behind it that we keep going back to. both are laden with aromatherapy diffusers, soaps, handpoured and pillar candles proudly made in malaysia and bearing lifeshop’s own label. 

there are several pleasing scents to pick from, including the light and floral sea breeze, ultra soothing lavender sandalwood and the uplifting lemongrass sandalwood. there are also two sizes of fabric pouches to which you can add drops of your preferred essential oils and use to freshen up your car, room or cupboard. handmade by a housewife in ipoh, these are under lifeshop’s special 'love is giving' range and 100% of sales proceeds are donated to the malaysian red crescent society. shopping as giving – there should be more shops like this.


the lifeshop atelier 35g jalan pju 5/20e, the strand, kota damansara, pj, selangor  tel +603 6142 9396 opens 11am-10pm daily facebook