happy selections


vintage bric bracs, antique collectibles, furniture repurposed from parts of old houses, art & design magazines, hip streetwear, local indie labels... if this sounds like a hipster's dream store, it is.

17a select store is actually the shared space of two retail outlets, snackfood and the off-day, in an open gallery space that used to house valentine willie's fine art. the two stores may offer entirely different goods but share the same underlying concept - carefully curated goods of fine quality and lasting appeal - and are displayed seamlessly, making 17a a treasure trove of interesting discoveries. 


snackfood offers an eclectic selection of vintage and retro-style odds and ends, including stationery (archie grand notebooks), embroidered labels, toiletries (tokyomilk fragrances and body care, old fashion vegan soaps), enamel tableware - the yellow tiffin carriers with green edges sure bring back fond memories - typewriters, vinyls, movie posters and for bruce lee fans, there's a set of figurines of the little dragon in different kung fu stances. other rare finds are yellowed but pristine copies of the straits times malaysian edition dating back to the 1970s.

then there are the more contemporary items, but that are still rooted in traditions: a glass top display table repurposed from old metal grills by kl-based boutique furniture makers pieces and linus bikes, from the usa, inspired by the classic french two-wheelers from the 1950s and 1960s. at the front desk, rows of magazines that celebrate the same love for such 'happy things' (adeline's name card says 'collector of happy things') - inspiring, design-led titles such as kinfolk, uppercase and cereal.


filling up another half of the store, the off-day brings together local and international independent men's wear brands that have the fine quality of luxury labels and the edgy cred of streetwear favourites. from the local front, there are shuren's printed shirts; handcrafted leather riding boots and classic brogues by tomrichshoes; small leather goods by field trip and denim jeans by ceremony fine wear. based in kl and about a year old at most, these proudly malaysian brands are heralding the next wave in the local fashion scene. each boasts of distinctive concept and aesthetics that are grounded in well-established traditions, trusted methods and artisanal skills. 

17a calls itself a select store to reflect its finely curated goods. the general premise of it is, the shopping's been done for you. 

17a select store (snackfood & the off-day) 17a jalan telawi 3, bangsar, kl tel +603 2201 7513 opens 12-7pm, tue-sun; closed mon snackfood the off-day