streetside pleaser

technically, this street stall falls more neatly into the dai pai tong category but many bing sutt had their origins as such and this central institution offers all the same staples, and then some.

sing heung yuen’s most famous dish is their tomato soup with macaroni, a simple dish of watery tomato soup with pasta. what looks like more than 50 types of noodle dishes on the menu are in fact the many variants of several basic options, differed by toppings and protein choice.

the line often goes on till tea time

at lunch time, white-collar workers fill up the tables under the shade of a tarpaulin roof and the line often goes on till tea time, when their popular chui chui (‘crispy crispy’) buns drizzled with lemon honey are favoured in place of noodles. service is brisk and loud; this is not a place to linger or have a lengthy lunch conversation but is ideal for a quick no-nonsense meal to fuel up for the rest of the day.

2 mei lun street, central opens 8am-5.30pm, monday-saturday