perfect match

the scroll pasted on the glass doors of cafe match box says it all, in chinese: fully air conditioned. this was what first gave rise to the moniker bing sutt and while it’s an all-new incarnation, match box’s keen attention to detail has produced an ice chamber that could easily pass for a decades-old establishment. walk in and you’re back in 1970s hong kong as you take in the retro knick-knacks, window grills with coloured panels, aged mirrors bearing auspicious chinese sayings, fancy old-fashioned lamps, a mosaic-tiled feature wall and wait staff in the typical white shirt uniforms.

the menu is an interesting mix of the truly authentic – poached egg in water, for example, an old local favourite that’s no longer as ubiquitous as it once was – and the nonconventional. think pancakes with bananas, walnuts and toffee and chicken pie served in a pool of green pea soup. the former is an enjoyable afternoon tea snack: the cakes are light and fluffy, the toffee is aromatic and not cloyingly sweet. the latter is an interesting combo of two classics that are probably better savoured separately, and the waiters will always ask if you would like some ketchup on your pie – which doesn’t really add anything to it.

g/f helen building, 8 cleveland street, causeway bay and 2 sun wui road, causeway bay opens 8am-11pm daily