gold standards

...egg tarts, with sunshine yellow custard encased in crumbly shells

with two other bing sutt within walking distance in the vicinity, kam wah holds its own with a long-held reputation for its polo buns and milk tea. both live up to the hype that draws many tourists to venture here. the bun is fluffy and pillow-soft with a crispy top, a great balance of textures that will have you easily downing two in one sitting. the tea is rich, creamy and aromatic and equally satisfying whether served hot or with ice. just as good is their egg tarts, with sunshine yellow custard encased in crumbly shells.

there are two shoplots worth of seats available but they fill up quickly. if you don’t manage to dap toi (share a table) as is the common practice at typical hong kong eateries due to tight spaces, grab some pastries to go from the takeaway counter fronting the store, which is another common feature among bing sutt.

47 bute street, prince edward, mongkok, kowloon opens 6.30am-midnight