cinematic appeal

walking into this relatively new and modern-looking outlet of pak lee cafe since 1964 is sure to make one question the name, which references the founding date of the original pak lee in sai wan ho where the hon family still enjoys brisk business. this second outlet, owned by the founder’s son in partnership with a television director-producer, opened this july and serves the same comfort food that regulars have become accustomed to but there are plans to adapt some recipes to suit contemporary tastes.

the decor, however, is a definite throwback to its origins – complete with an ice box that’s filled with ice surrounded by vintage toys and knick knacks. the feature walls tell of another facet of pak lee’s history. decked out in old movie posters and colourful murals depicting popular characters, including a caricature of anita mui from the film rouge, they’re a nod to the cinema that used to stand next door to the original pak lee.

ug/f the pemberton, 22-26 bonham strand, sheung wan opens 7am-10pm daily