a star(bucks) is born

starbucks in any city is still starbucks, except when half the shop is dressed like a bing sutt as is this outlet that befits its historical locale. duddell street is where you’ll find the city’s last four remaining gas-powered street lamps lighting up a short flight of granite stairs that date back to the late 19th century. both are protected as declared monuments of hong kong.

for this outlet, starbucks collaborated with lifestyle brand goods of desire (god), which is famous for their whimsical designs inspired by vintage hong kong. there are all the hallmarks of a traditional bing sutt here: mosaic floors, booth seats, metal grilled windows and decorative birdcages. the menu is standard starbucks but with the addition of local favourites with a caffeine twist – coffee egg tarts and coffee-flavoured bolo yau (pineapple bun with butter).

13 duddell street, central opens 7am-9pm, monday-thursday; 7am-10pm, friday; 8am-10pm, saturday; 9am-18pm, sunday and public holiday