mums know best

a cafe that serves healthy, wholesome meals the way mum would cook for you at home – because it’s run by six mothers who care


its punny name may indicate a cakery but for goodness cakes and while they do them pretty well, for goodness cakes is not just about the sweet and creamy. in fact, this 12-day-old cafe goes the opposite direction, making it their mission to dish up healthy, wholesome food that is made from scratch and freshly, on premise each day. here’s the most assuring thing: it’s managed and run by six mothers who would not serve their customers what they themselves would not eat, or feed their children with. the group used to run a home-based catering service and have a good repertoire of recipes under their belt, and one of the mothers was trained at le cordon bleu. 


french cuisine is thus not beyond them but for this cafe, they decided to keep to simple, honest, easy favourites like sandwiches – they make the breads themselves – soups, pies and daily specials such as roast chicken and pastas. on the day we visited, they had run out of roast chicken and was well into their second pot of pumpkin soup for the day. we had that as part of three options of set lunch and chose the grilled chicken on focaccia (you can also have it as a wrap) with a fizzy goodness (ice cream soda with a choice of pomegranate or apricot syrup) to wash it down and cool off on a ridiculously hot afternoon.

the pumpkin soup set us off on a great footing, creamy and silky and chock full of pure flavours. interestingly, they offer dried chilli flakes if you like a bit of spice in your soup. we added just a pinch and it did enhance the pumpkin, creating an interesting contrast to the natural sweetness.

while we waited for the sandwich, one of the mothers came by to ask if we would like a top up for the soup – note that refills are not actually part of the deal, but if it’s not a busy time they are happy to offer you extras. we like to think that it’s just mothers being mothers, always ready to impart their nurturing instincts on those they meet. we certainly felt taken care of by the warm, friendly ladies from the minute we stepped in. indeed, for goodness cakes has a laidback, homey vibe that’s supported by a play corner for young children and little touches like the use of colourful plastic glasses for drinking water (with lemon for a refreshing lift).

healthy, wholesome food
that is made from scratch


our sandwich arrived shortly afterwards, with a small serving of coral lettuce salad on the side – minimalist, fuss-free plating that supports their ethos of it all being about the good food and fresh ingredients. the focaccia was warm with a lightly toasted crust, its pillow-soft centre sandwiching pulled grilled chicken all held together with pesto. we could find no fault with it: the chicken was tender, well seasoned and moist, and the pesto tasted fresh.

it was a fulfilling meal yet we felt light afterwards, with room left for desserts. we had spied their very butter cake from the moment we stepped in, a pretty confection covered in pink rosette frosting. it was a tad sweet for us but the cake itself was lovely, soft and suitably buttery.

defying what is common cafe practice in the klang valley, for goodness cakes closes early (by 6.30pm) and does not operate on sundays – after all, the mothers need to spend time with their families and children. they are however, open to catering for special functions after hours and on sundays, for a minimum of 15-20 persons.


for goodness cakes 36g (ground floor), jalan 27/70a, desa sri hartamas, kl tel +603 6211 6782 opens 8am-6.30pm, mon-sat