worth your salt(ed fish)

salted fish in a chinese-style bun? you bet.

if you’ve watched a certain hk drama series, you would have heard of this but if like us, you thought it was simply fiction, then you need to head to your nearest pasar malam. we spotted this during one of our rounds at the taman sri rampai market, held every thursday night.

the sign simply indicates ‘ham yue pau’ (salted fish bun) in chinese and that says it all. the buns, similar in size to a regular pau, are deep-fried to a golden brown and when you bite into it, immediately your nostrils will pick up that sharp, pungent aroma of salted fish. if you think it will be one very salty bun, rest assured it’s beautifully balanced out by the rest of the fillings – minced and slices of pork, crunchy jicama cubes and chinese chives – which are similar to that of a sang yuk pau. there’s also a hint of nam yue, that reddish fermented beancurd that is an acquired taste for many and well loved by others. we’re listing this under great market finds and can’t wait to go back for more.