spicy, sublime satisfaction

curry laksa, when done properly like sun kee’s, is manna from culinary heaven.


first, the colour: a milky orange, with a thin layer of fiery chilli oil pooling on the surface. secondly, the aroma: a potent, well-blended mix of curry leaves, chillies and five spice powder wafting along with the steam. thirdly, the presentation: slivers of roast pork sit half submerged in the soup, underneath which oodles of yellow noodles peek through, and garnished with a bunch of fresh mint leaves and half a juicy lime.

sun kee pure nyonya curry laksa tastes every bit as scrumptious and satisfying as it looks, every mouthful of the strong soup chocked full of savoury curry goodness with a good level of heat that warms the throat without setting it on fire. a squeeze of the lime gave it a zesty lift and enhanced the rich spice tones. the siew yoke is tender where it needs to be without being cloyed by the fat layers while the crackling maintained a good level of crunch, considering they had have a good soak in the soup. the other protein is provided by juicy, slightly bloody cockles whereas vegetables take the form of properly fat bean sprouts – the only way ipoh taugeh are. Well, there you have it – heaven in a plastic orange bowl.


thim sun loong kopitiam, 22-36 jalan peh kee koh, taman kampar, ipoh opens around 4pm onwards