beautiful butter



if you didn’t see them inside the cheese freezer, you could well have passed them off as soap but the oblong bars wrapped in wax paper have the words le beurre bordier printed across the top and they are what professional chefs, culinary critics and foodies have affectionately crowned the world’s best butters.

Silky smooth and unctuous, jean yves bordier’s artisanal produce is handmade in small batches and comes in a number of flavours. the smoked salt is subtle; lemon has just the right amount of zest for a citrus lift; espelette, an intense orange block with tiny red speckles, is savoury with a hint of heat. The standout is the yuzu, which presents one of the most enjoyable way to savour the popular japanese citrus. unwrap the nondescript bright yellow bar and immediately you will discern the tangy aroma. Slap a dot (yes, that's all you need, we promise) on a piece of toast, add a topping if you’d like – we tried it with some concentrated bacon jam – and the sharp flavour still cuts through.


available at jaya grocer, the intermark, jalan tun razak, kl price rm19.90 for each 125g bar