spicing up a village


for many of us, bacon is that all-important ingredient that makes or breaks a good breakfast fry-up. in the absence of this porcine treasure (in order to adhere to halal guidelines), instead of taking the easy way out and simply replace it with beef bacon as most diners tend to do, the owners of nutmeg - who also own bangsar village, and run this casual eatery with members of their family - decided to go a completely different route to offer all-day breakfasts that are satisfying while allowing them to maintain a menu that featured, as much as possible, ingredients that are made in house. and so it is that nutmeg's signature is a traditional breakfast favourite but one that is not often found in kl: gravlax. 

the salmon is cured on premise and is also available in paprika and lemongrass flavours. have them on their own as a tasting platter, or in dishes such as their big breakfast, croissant-wich (toasted croissant topped with scrambled eggs), eggs benedict or folded in an omelette.


leading the kitchen is william chong,  who took a 12-month sabbatical from his teaching position at a vocational school in singapore to pursue his culinary passion while practising what he usually teaches - entrepreneurship. william's dedication to his craft is evident in the way he speaks of food as he patiently explains the menu. 


for desserts, besides cakes and tarts, william is hoping to introduce kl's diners to puddings and he offers three different ones: lemon passionfruit, icky sticky date (with a butterscotch sauce) and chocolate. all the desserts are served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream each, a light and creamy concoction by a home-based supplier.  

another proudly house-made offering is the beef, cured for 10 days and then cooked in brine (a precious broth that they then use to braise cabbage) and sliced thinly or corned - although, you won't find the term 'corned beef' on the menu as the owners do not want to give the impression that it comes from a can. instead, it's known as salt beef hash the classic reuben is one of the best dishes to test out the beef: generous slices of the tender, pink meat nest under sauerkraut in between slices of rye bread. the sandwich is lightly toasted and served with well-crisped roasted potatoes, a simple green salad coated in a mixed berries dressing, and a dollop each of peach chutney with sultanas, and mustard.

for a sweet ending, choose from three chocolate options. we recommend the dark valrhona tart, beautifully complemented by the ice cream and a sprinkle of oats cobbler - a lovely balance of bitter-sweet flavours and 

nutmeg's menu may not be extensive but it offers interesting options. for one, all-day breakfasts are always a much welcomed (and lacking, in kl) dining option and especially when they are not just your run-of-the-mill toast and eggs variety.  with its open concept space and cosy, retro-inspired (mostly) wooden decor - punctuated by the whimsical avian paintings of local artist shah nizam, which are for sale, on the feature wall - nutmeg is certainly one of the best hangouts in the village.


nutmeg ug-28a bangsar village ii, bangsar tel +603 2201 3663 opens 11.30am-10pm daily facebook