bazaar bustle: shau kei wan market

this is a corner of hong kong that visitors rarely venture to, but on a ding ding ride-around (see photos here) one balmy spring evening, we disembarked along with the remaining passengers when the trusty tram pulled to a stop in between blocks of nondescript old buildings in shau kei wan. a few steps away, under colourful tarpaulin covers and the flares of yellow light bulbs, we joined the throng of residents as they trawled and shopped their way through the street market.

this is hong kong, real and raw.

skw overview
skw yellow stall
skw side green
skw meat stall
skw baskets
skw chinese signboards
skw basketman
skw hori overview
skw red lights
skw chickens
skw foam lids
skw btwn stalls
skw butcher